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leaked age of ultron screenplay 

I don’t care if this is legit or not

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I was bored..

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  • bisexual with a preference for the same sex does not mean "one foot out of the closet."
  • bisexual with a preference for the opposite sex does not mean "trying to get attention."
  • lesbian does not mean "masculine."
  • gay does not mean "feminine."
  • transgender does not mean "going through a phase."
  • transsexual does not mean "a disappointment." nor does it mean "gender identity confusion."
  • asexual does not mean "prude."
  • demisexual does not mean "prude."
  • pansexual does not mean "easy."
  • heterosexual does not mean "normal"

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im at the dentist n katy perry started playing and i just heard one of the dentists go “samantha i cant clean your teeth if youre dancing”

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